Episode 29: Ruth Davis - Abstract Floral Artist

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Episode 29:  Ruth Davis - Abstract Floral Artist

Our guest, Ruth Davis is an accomplished abstract floral artist. What makes this episode special is that Ruth shares with us and our listeners her deeply heartfelt expression of love and how she interprets and expresses that love through her artistic skill and medium. She became a professional artist after her loving grandparents passed away. They were creative mentors to her, and she learned to paint florals in her grandparents' garden. To this day, she honors Carmen and James with every painting she creates. Her style is not a traditional approach to painting flowers. She incorporates abstract compositions and uses a very colorful palette. Her paintings are beautiful representations of various flowers and floral arrangements. Her work has been shown in galleries and featured in numerous magazines. Ruth is passionate about carrying on what she learned from her grandparents, both artistically and teaching her the visual language of nature and especially of colorful flowers.

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