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About Us

Married for 39-years, Rod & Inci Jones have been working together creatively in art, writing, photography, consulting and as digital strategists. Collectively they bring years of understanding of what it takes to adopt creativity in every aspect of one's life. They know intuitively from experience how rewarding and fulfilling living creatively can be.

They believe that you don't have to be in the arts to adopt a creative mindset. Everyone was born with creativity in their spirit. And unfortunately sometimes the stresses of life can put a damper on living a happier, fuller and more creative life.  

Every one of their podcasts that you listen to will help you to loosen and refocus your creativity with inspiring conversations, thoughts and ideas. There is plenty of inspiration for all ages. 


Rod Jones Artisthttps://rodjonesartist.com/

Rod's creative life started with a camera when he was 12 years old. Which later foretold his future as a successful commercial photographer and creative services & marketing agency. All this experience led him to explore his creative ambitions into painting and writing short stories on creativity. But he always attributes the birth of his creativity was when he met and married his wife Inci.


Inci Jones Artisthttps://incijonesartist.com/

Inci's creative life began as a commercial model working her way through college, then later her consulting in the health and beauty industries. Her knowledge of beauty and color was the catalyst to her starting her painting career. When not working on a canvas, she has become a published book author and agrees with Rod that they both became more creative when they met each other and married. 

Rod & Inci Jones have been living the creative life for many years.

They are both artists and writers and are creative consultants. 



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