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Thought Row Episode 12: Mary Ann Prack - Conversation with a Contemporary Woman Sculptor

Mary Ann Prack Sculptor

Mary-Ann Prack was born in Ontario, Canada.  As a third generation member of an architectural engineering family, both art and architecture were a strong component of her early life experiences and surroundings. She began her formal fine art education at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario, continued at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and Florida Atlantic University, where she studied both fine art and interior design. Mary-Ann became a full time visual artist in 1986 and for over thirty five years has worked with clay as a pure sculpture medium. There is nothing traditional about her approach to or use of clay in terms of subject, design, scale or glazing techniques. Prack creates sculpture that is distinctive, precise, and with geometric purity of surface, color, and form.  She hand builds each piece using a specially formulated clay that has a stone-like hardness, strength and consistency suitable for her large-scale clay constructions. Prack began painting in 2004 after an illness briefly left her unable to do the heavy work sculpture requires. Since then painting has become as important to her artistic expression as sculpture. Though different in approach, the energy, spirit and her distinctive artistic presence is most evident whenever her sculpture and paintings are experienced together. Mary-Ann’s home, studio and sculpture garden are located in the mountain community of Jefferson, NC.

Mary-Ann Prack
Mary-Ann Prack in StudioMary-Ann Prack
Mary-Ann Prack Family Room


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Thought Row Episode 11: Inside Thoughts from an Art Curator

Maurice Quillinan Curator Artist

Maurice Quillinan grew up in Limerick, Ireland. He studied at the Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD), the Royal College of Art, London (RCA), the Ecole Nationale Superieur des Arts, Paris and the University of Limerick (UL).

He has travelled extensively which invariably has informed his work. Central to his practice is a strong set of spiritual values which underlie his exploration of existence, using the landscape and the figure as metaphors for the metaphysical challenges we encounter. This internal dialogue manifests as layered and blurred works, which suggest that there are many meanings and explanations for the spiritual, psychological and physiological conundrums we are introduced to.. images that suggest that we don’t have the knowledge to ask questions let alone expect coherent logical replies.

He has been a recipient of a number of awards, including: Limerick City Scholarship (VEC) award, The Henry Moore Foundation Scholarship, a number of Arts Council awards and bursaries.

His love of classical music (which is constantly playing in his studio) informs the emotional and psychological aspect of his painting and drawing. Poetry is also another informative interest, especially the poetry of TS Eliot and the contemporary American poet Brian Turner. Other interests include contemporary military history. He completed his thesis in UL , researched around the use of helmet cams used by the various participants to record the war, mostly in Iraq. This came about as a questioning of the validity and or usefulness of commissioning artists to record modern conflicts in traditional formats.

He has exhibited widely both in Ireland and internationally. His work is represented in public and private collections of thirty four countries.

Maurice Quillinan
Maurice QuillinanMaurice Quillinan
Maurice Quillinan


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Thought Row Episode 10 -When You’re Multi-Talented - Cris Santos

Thought Row Episode 10: When You’re Multi-Talented


This week’s Thought Row podcast guest is Cris Santos. Cris has a Master degree in Linguistics and is a content creator/blogger that writes about travel, fashion and lifestyle. As a former model and lover of the arts, she decided to take control of her life and chase her dreams. In 2017 while taking pictures to create a book trailer for her book One Way Trip, she launched PhotosbyCris Designs. She also represents apparel lines that she helped develop and market. We discuss her life as an entrepreneur and a single mom of twin teenage boys. If you need positive and creative motivation to lift your spirits for the whole week, then tune in, wherever you listen to podcasts.

Cris Santos Luna Blue Girl PhotosByCris
Cris Santos Luna Blue Girl PhotosbyCris
Cris Santos Luna Blue Girl PhotosbyCrisCris Santos Luna Blue Girl PhotosbyCris


Cris Santos Luna Blue Girl PhotosbyCris


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Luna Blue Girl

Cris Santos Styling


Photosbycris Designs






A.K. Fielding - Trehans Treasures - Junk Journaling


Todays episode features A.K. Fielding. Angelina discusses Junk Journaling and the Creative Process plus its use of many creative skills. She shares how it can inspire creativity in your life.

A little about A.K. Fielding: She is academically trained in research and writing as an historian, she also a self-taught artist.

In recent years, she forged together her love of writing about early American history and art to create works that she hopes will inspire people to study America's rich past.

As an independent historian, she has served as a featured speaker at various engagements to educate people on topics related to early American history.

A.K. Fielding's articles can be found in several publications, and her art has been showcased in various exhibitions.

She is currently painting moments in early American history; producing a new line of handmade stationery products; researching, and writing about the early Republic.

A.K. Fielding's upcoming book, Rough Diamond:  The Life & Times of  Colonel William Stephen Hamilton, is a biography of a son of Alexander & Elizabeth Hamilton and will be released June, 2021.

Angelina Fielding Trehan's Treasures

Angelina Fielding Trehan's Treasures

John Laurens Angelina Fielding Trehan's Treasures

One of Angelina Fielding's many historical paintings.  This portrait is of John Laurens.


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Trehan's Treasures is the name of her studio and represents all her art and writings.








Thought Row Episode 8: The Birth of an Art Museum

Gene Sasse - Sasse Art Museum

Gene Sasse - Gene Sasse photographer, museum founder/director, adjunct professor. Gene’s work is renowned for both accurate and uplifting images. His services are sought by businesses where accurate detail and color replication is required. His work has been on the cover of major publications such as Western Art and Architecture, -Biblical Manuscript Center of Claremont, California to restore photographs of The Great Isaiah Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Gene has produced over three dozen books and catalogs for both the Sasse museum and other clients.

 Gene is the founder of the Sasse Museum of Art. The Sasse Museum of Art is a gathering place to celebrate the inspiring and transformative power of arts and culture and to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world.

 Gene is also an adjunct professor teaching two advanced photography classes at Riverside community College.

In this episode Gene shares his experiences as the Founder and Director of the Sasse Museum of Art and the road to making the Southern California museum a success, all the while he operates his successful commercial photography business.


Sasse Museum of Art







Thought Row Episode 7: Art Community, Family & Friends - Interview with artist Sonia Bublaitis 

 Sonia Bublaitis Artist


Sonia Bublaitis - Through the interplay of different media i.e. Photography, her aim is to express the spirituality of the world around her and to challenge the observer with each piece using somewhat unorthodox techniques.  

She has been greatly influenced by the works of Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky to name just a couple of artists.  


"Colour hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body”  W. Kandinsky


Website:  Sonia Bublaitis Artist 
Twitter:   @soniabublaitis
Instagram: soniabublaitisart
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Thought Row Podcast Episode 4: A Conversation with CM Curtis Best Selling Amazon Author on his success story and advice to upcoming writers and authors 

CM Curtis Author


C.M. Curtis has been writing novels for over two decades. He has published eleven works of fiction, five of which have become number one best sellers on Amazon. Curtis has written in several genres but the bulk of his books are westerns.

If you’re looking for western novels with the same old recycled plots and characters, don’t buy a C.M. Curtis novel. C.M. Curtis is not an average author, and his books are far from average.  His plots have been described by critics as being, “Refreshingly original,” his characters as being, “Far more real and engaging, than characters in run-of-the-mill westerns.”  The average western novel lacks the power to thrill a non-western reader. This is clearly not true of a Curtis novel. Countless readers have said they do not like westerns, but love C.M. Curtis’s westerns and read everything he writes. Curtis westerns are simply an enjoyably unique kind of fiction that happens to be set in the old west; the kind of books that can be read over and over and will be enjoyed for generations.

C.M. Curtis Author

C.M. Curtis Author

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Thought Row Podcast Episode 1: Entrepreneurial Creativity 

Rose Bishay | These Hands Lotion

Interview with Rose Bishay - How she became an entrepreneur. And the process she went through in developing and selling These Hands Lotion Mask.

Her experiences in website development and using various social media platforms to attract customers.

About Rose:

Rose is a twenty-something living in LA. She runs These Hands Lotion and loves celebrating the small but life changing tasks people do with their hands everyday. She started formulating beauty products on her kitchen table and has since grown her bespoke lotion company into a large business. She has a degree in Computer Science & Engineering and a background in social media marketing. She loves connecting people and helping those around her.


About These Hands Lotion:

I’ve always struggled with dry hands and eczema and loved trying different beauty products. Nothing really worked great for me. Over time I started experimenting and making my own hand masks and creams. I had my family and friends try my cream and they raved about how good it was and asked where they could buy some:) And so I was in business. But I wanted it to be more than just a product, I wanted to not only help people’s hands be happy but I also wanted to give back. Which is why I use the best ingredients I can find and donate 10% of all profits.

I chose the name because it has always struck me how important our hands are. I used to look at my grandma's hands, she had immigrated from Europe and had so many different jobs. I used to think of all the things they had done caring for children, cooking and working many different jobs. There is such beauty in the small but life changing tasks we do with our hands everyday.

Each of us has such a different story and I want to recognize how many amazing things each person does with their hands.They deliver babies, they rescue people, they nurture loved ones with food, they help people, they say hello, they make big business deals, perform life saving surgeries, sign treaties and laws into action and most importantly they love. Hands are the cornerstone of our world, responsible for our evolution and ultimately one of the most important things for us to take care of.

These Hands Lotion Hand Mask is a product that helps keep hands healthy and happy, a product that not only moisturizes but also proclaims a message - These Hands Support Others!

What did your hands do today?


These Hands Website 
These Hands Instagram